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Most people dream about RVing around the United States or Australia at some time in their lives. The idea of unbridled freedom to go wherever the wind leads. Being comfortable in your own home in unfamiliar territory. Never needing to pack or unpack, working as you travel, and sleeping wherever and whenever. It’s like cruising, but on land, and we love cruising

1. Unpack once

Probably my biggest benefit is that you only have to unpack once. It’s just like being on a cruise ship where you unpack once and still get to visit multiple destinations, except you’re on land. Once you unpack that very first day and have everything in place, you can hit the open road and never worry about packing suitcases again.

2. You can cook

There are multiple benefits to having a kitchen. One, it’s cheaper. Grocery shopping is much more cost effective than eating at restaurant. Two, it’s healthier. You can control what’s going in your food and how much you are eating. Temptation is weaker when you have only options in the fridge that you want. Three, you don’t have to wait. When my kids are hungry they are hungry now. We had stopped briefly in Page, Arizona while a small issue in the RV was being repaired and my kids complained of hunger. So we cooked a healthy meal right then and there. Presto!

3. Sleep anywhere

As you drive down long dusty roads, there are times you just want to pull over and sleep. In an RV you can stop at a Walmart, some Casinos and campsites. The seats are also much more comfortable than a regular car, and kids can easily sleep with their seat belts firmly tightened. As a bonus benefit, use your own pillow and blankets so there’s no getting used to a new hotel bed each night.

4. I need the loo

Just like food, when my kids have to go to the toilet they have to go now. Finally, we didn’t have to pull off a highway and find the nearest gas station, we had a toilet with us wherever we went. Same applies to a shower. If you jump in a river, slide down a muddy hill or just have a bad hair day, you have a shower with all your own toiletries within arm’s reach.

5. Use time more wisely

With built-in seatbelts, our dining table was transformed into a workstation. This meant my husband, Josh, was able to process photos and write articles while I drove the RV. It also meant the kids were able to complete school work, paint, draw, play UNO, and more with much more space and comfort than the usual car trip.

The Verdict

In my opinion the advantages of RVing far outweigh the disadvantages and I would do it all again without a second thought. My kids were happier, the journey felt more relaxed, and as a frequent traveller, I appreciated the sense of familiarity. It’s safe to say our first time RVing was a complete success and I can’t wait to get behind the wheel again. Now, where should we go?

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